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Ella Eve Blackwork Tattoo Artist

About me


Thank you so much for visiting!

I’m Ella Eve and I’m a Blackwork tattoo artist living and working in Brighton, from my private studio

'The Drawing Parlour'

I've been tattooing since 2013.

A Little About Me :

Within my work, I love to focus on intricacies, repetitions, and patterns in nature. Most pieces have come to represent my passion and innate awareness of the natural world and all of its incredible and inspiring attributes.

I am comfortable working on many subject matters and in many different styles, but my preferred practise would be using elements from nature, combined with high contrast black work and soft dotwork or stippled shading.

You can see examples of this in my Tattoo Gallery 


 I also enjoy my stylised Botanical Lady Head pieces and large scale project pieces involving Dotwork and Geometry.

If you have any questions regarding your own ideas please don’t hesitate to send them over.

You can also find some flash designs on my instagram page

Enquiries information

To book in an appointment I will first need to chat with you face to face to discuss in detail what it is you would like to get.
Using the Booking Tab on this site you can manually choose a consultation date and time, as well as fill in a short form with a bit of information about your tattoo idea. All consultations are done using  ZOOM and you will be sent a confirmation email with all the information you need for that call once its been booked in.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


To make a booking and for any other enquiries click below.

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